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Website Design, Hosting and Support Services
"We make creating and maintaining your web site painless."

Website design and development -
Designing web sites requires a combination of technical and artistic skills and experience. We help you select from existing professional web site designs or start from scratch offering a complete turnkey solution.

Website images and videos -
Pictures, logos and video clips add pizzazz to your web site, and we can crop and optimize your images and videos for your web site. We can also supply the images if desired.

Website hosting -
If you want a web site domain name (, you must have a web site hosting account. A hosting account typically costs between $120-$240 per year, and it includes support for all of your email services so you can replace your current ISP (like AOL, Earthlink, etc.). We can select the appropriate web site hosting account for you.

Website domain name -
Your own company/organization domain name ( gives you a professional look, and we can obtain your web site domain name for you from the appropriate national organization. The cost of registering and maintaining your domain name is about $25 per year; plus it requires that you have a web site hosting account.

Webmaster and support -
Once your web site goes "live," you may want support to help with updates and technical issues. Our optional webmaster+support service gives you the peace of mind of knowing your web site will always be up-to-date... with no hassle on your part. However, if you wish, you may choose to perform your own support.

Example businesses and organizations that benefit from having a web site:

- Consulting website

- Non-profits website

- Contractors website

- Services website

- Retail website

- Membership website

- Home-based website

- Products website

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