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Web Marketing
"We bring targeted potential clients to your website for your product or service. Forget about what you think you want, and learn more about what you really need."

Level 1 Search Engine Optimization, part 1 – Optimized web page content and code
We optimize your website so it appears on the first page on the search engine's results list for your desired keyphrase. We also research and perform competitive analysis reports to show you exactly how your web site compares to your competition before and after. This helps us make sure you are listed higher than they are.

Search Engine Optimization, part 2 - Link partners
To maximize the exposure for your product or service your website requires inbound links (with the appropriate code) from other websites or 'partners' on the web. We jumpstart this process for you by immediately adding you to our network of trusted website partners who all follow the best practice guidelines set forth from Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. Finally, we create special ‘partners only’ web pages to guide all future link exchange partners to use the appropriate technology to maximize search engine results for all parties. This allows your link exchange program to continually grow which further cements your high listing in all search engines and directories. This service is included in the package price.

**We have been at the forefront of Search Engine Marketing and Strategies since it began over eight years ago. The world of search has evolved greatly over that time period, and we have made it our business to stay on top of all the new technology and trends in order to present industry professionals with top-notch insight, analysis and results. Accordingly, search and the SEO industry have undergone very significant changes over the past 2 years alone. Navigating and understanding the system is more difficult than ever, Google bombing is all but dead, and social networking has stormed onto the scene as arguably the next big platform in the evolutionary chain of search marketing. Contact us anytime to find out how we can change the way you attract customers and targeted leads.

Level 2 Pay-per-Click, Banner, and Auction-Style Search Engine Advertising
We offer implementation and consulting on the pros and cons of each option, review of vendors, and best practices for choosing optimum advertising sites. We also build a unique entry webpage for each advertising venture so you can accurately track your advertising success and ROI as soon as the campaign begins.

Level 3 Email Newsletter Marketing
We offer impementation and consulting on the benefits, tools available, implementation guidelines, and current Spam and legal considerations for using email newsletters to further market your product/service and retain customers for the future.

Level 4 Affiliate Marketing Program
We offer impementation and consulting on the benefits, choosing vendors and target audience considerations for a professional affiliate marketing program. This Level 4 web marketing option is by far the most complex and usually takes about one-half day and is conducted on-site. Additionally we can create your affiliate marketing program web page, the link objects including text, banners, buttons and animation, and the web page for easy retrieval by your partners of your affiliate marketing link tracking objects.

Example businesses and organizations that benefit from having a web site:

- Consulting website

- Non-profits website

- Contractors website

- Services website

- Retail website

- Membership website

- Home-based website

- Products website

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